4 BEST Inventions US Students Made To Give Back To Their Communities

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A young mind is the sharpest mind. Thus, it’s not a surprise that some cool invention ideas come out of colleges and universities. The education system today has changed and it is not focused on books anymore. Young geniuses have picked machines over books trying to solve global problems rather than playing with the inventions for kids.

Student inventors never cease to amaze us with inventions that fascinate and cause the desire to have them right now. This is our list of inventors and, who knows, maybe one day they will be among world famous inventors.

  • Desert Sand as an Alternative to Concrete


A group from Imperial College London has developed a new material made from desert sand that may become a low-carbon alternative to concrete.

Post-graduate students Carolyn Tam, Matteo Maccario, Hamza Oza and Saki Maruyami came together to create a building material that could be made from the plentiful, naturally occurring material. The student inventors called their startup “Finite” as the world is facing a potentially disastrous sand shortage. And they have found a way to bind desert sand into a new biodegradable composite material which is as strong as concrete. Finite uses abundant resources that are quite easy to recycle and not use any virgin material.

  • Spyce: Food Cooked by Robots


A group of MIT students and a French chef Daniel Boulud have opened a restaurant in Boston with the fully automated kitchen. Spyce is a student invention that was born out of a desire to provide all people, income notwithstanding, with nutritious and affordable food. Spyce is at the intersection of hospitality and technology that provides meals at $7.50. Chefs Boulud and Benson are in charge of Spyce’s menu that is heavy on vegetables, and everything is served bowl-style. There are vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options as well.

Customers may order on a touch screen, get the order in 3 minutes and pay cash or by credit card.

  • The Baby Saver 2000


Tyler Duke and Mason Covington are high school students who are the youngest-ever winners of the Betty A. Lowe MD Award for outstanding service to children. The teens were encouraged to solve a real-world problem at the robotics and engineering class.

Two high schools have created the Baby Saver 2000 – one of the best inventions for kids nowadays. This is a device that attaches to any car seat and registers the weight in the seat and the temperature in the car. If the car goes over a set temperature, a sensor in the key fob engages the panic button alerting the driver. The teens also received a $10,000 check to take their product to the market.

  • Vending Machine for Homeless People


Gulfport High School students have invented a solar-powered vending machine that dispenses personal hygiene items and provides access to a secure shower stall! They took this challenge to solve global problems in their neighborhood as there were lots of homeless students who were in need of a shower.

They plan to install their invention near the school and power it with solar panels and to add a shower that uses rainwater or reusable water called “gray water.”

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