15 BEST Student Cities in Europe with Cheap Accommodation & Tuition Cost (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Students from all over the world are drawn to Europe as a thriving academic center. European cities offer so much in terms of education, experiences, cultures, foreign languages and whatnot. Many European capitals serve as student attractions offering a vast choice of universities and accommodation options. It may come as a surprise, but public universities in Germany and Poland have zero tuition cost with quite reasonable accommodation rates.

  • The Number of Public Universities

Depending on the size of the metro area, the number of public universities in large European cities greatly varies. For instance, London has 36 public universities dispensed across its 8,382 square kilometer city area. Then come Paris and Berlin with 17 public unis each. Unlike the previous three, Porto has only 2 public universities for a city of 2,040 square km metro area!

  • The Number of Students

Paris is the obvious leader housing 600,000 students, followed by London attracting 400,000 students a year with its academic facilities. The Spanish capital, Madrid, comes third housing 300,000 students. It needs to be said Warsaw is gradually becoming a popular student city with around 255,000 students accommodated each year.

  • Accommodation Cost

Brace yourself, if you’re going to look for student housing in London, you might have to pay a monthly rent of €680 in a shared accommodation. Pay attention to cities with cheaper rental prices: Budapest, Porto, and Warsaw provide a bunch of accommodation offers of up to €300 a month.

  • Tuition Fees

And again, London is the most expensive city to study in with an average yearly tuition of €10,500. On the contrary, Germany is known for the absence of tuition fees: Munich and Berlin have zero tuition. Up next is Warsaw with its free tuition and low accommodation costs. A closer look at Berlin and Warsaw will definitely make you consider both as the cheapest cities to study and live in!

  • The Price of Student Pint

And now, the most important information ever: the price of student beer pint. In Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, and Porto, student beers cost under €2. The beer gourmets can go to Belgium and Germany, where the average price of a pint is under €4. Unfortunately, other European cities, unfortunately, can’t boast with cheap beer.

  • The Price of Student Meal

Southern Europe has the best meal options in terms of value for money. For instance, in Porto and Lisbon, you can get a whole meal for under €10. On the contrary, in the North, you will have to spend up to €20 for a meal of not the best quality.

  • Transportation Cost

A monthly student pass will cost you between €10 - €30. And again, London is the city with the most transportation cost, followed by Amsterdam. However, Brussels will surprise you with a meager cost of transportation!

The below infographic contains the comparison of public universities and students in 15 European cities. Take a look at the average rent rates, tuition fees, beer/meal prices, transportation costs:






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