10 BEST Summer Destinations in USA for Students on a Budget

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May 28 - June 1, 2018, US students are having a five-day break also known as "May half-term." If you are looking for cheap places to travel during this short break, as you are a student on a tight budget, Typical Student is here to provide you with the list of best places to go to this spring and summer.

Best doesn’t always mean expensive! It might be great time for a little real-life education and a party scene beyond the campus. Luckily, there are some amazing places to travel to that you can afford being on a student budget.

Here are a few of our best vacation spots in the US to switch up your school routine and enjoy your time.

#1 Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon is one of the best places to travel where you can admire massive expanse of gorges, ridges and rock formations, and the views from the North Rim are priceless. And what can be more affordable than camping.

You can also save some extra money by visiting on one of the National Park Service's free entrance days. Starts at $10/night.


#2 Panama City, FL

What can be more relaxing than spending a day at the beach? The temperatures are warm, the sun is shining brightly, the beaches are less crowded, and flight and hotel prices are really reasonable.

You might be lucky to find nightly deals as low as about $50 per night and be just steps away from the sand.


#3 Niagara Falls, NY/Canada

Niagara Falls is one of the cheap and fun getaways. If you crave for stunning views and rich night life, then a trip to Niagara Falls might be your best choice. There are lots of cheap hotels in New York and Ontario.

If you walk over to the Canadian side, you can save some money as the Canadian dollar is a bit cheaper than an American one. Starts at $50/night.

best-summer-destinations-in-usa-for-students-on-a-budget-07#4 Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the best places to travel and enjoy on a budget. There are some unforgettable restaurants, a top-notch aquarium, and historic sites here. 

Consider Buckhead Hostel that offers beds at $65 a night and private rooms for $95 a night.


#5 New Orleans, LA

Hotel rooms might be a little costly in New Orleans, but you can save some money on entertainment.

Street performers all year-round in the Big Easy, and there are festivals in every season. Hostels for $20 per night, hotel room is $150/night.

#6 San Diego, CA

San Diego is another cheap place to travel to that offers a wide range of sites, attractions and beaches, while accommodating visitors with low prices on hotels and car rentals.

 Accommodation prices range anywhere from $20 a night to several hundreds.

best-summer-destinations-in-usa-for-students-on-a-budget-02#7 Savannah, GA

Savannah is actually a really fun and cheap place to go to, see the sights, and transform yourself into another time and place.

This is an amazing place to visit if you’re curious about southern cuisine and want to soak up some sunshine on the beach. Starts from $50/night.


#8 Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a cheap alternative of New York. Go to the Independence Visitor Center to receive a free overview of the city and its attractions and to pick up free tickets to Independence Hall.

This getaway is packed with historical sites and great food. Hostel starts at $35 per night.

best-summer-destinations-in-usa-for-students-on-a-budget-04#9 Charleston, SC

Plan your trip to Charleston – one of the best places to go if you want to change your pace of life and transport yourself to another time in history.

Walk down the cobblestone streets and hop onboard a horse-drawn carriage ride. Starts at $55/night.

best-summer-destinations-in-usa-for-students-on-a-budget-03#10 Nashville, TN

This cheap vacation destination has some great microbreweries, burger joints, and live music venues where you can listen and dance to honkey-tonk.

Starts at $35 per night.



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