10 CHEAPEST US Colleges to Get Into When You're Student on a Budget

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Are you about to graduate high school? Then it’s time to look into your options to make a big decision concerning what college you want to go to. Of course there are Ivy League colleges there, but not everyone can afford them. On the other hand, you can always choose one of the cheap colleges to continue your education.

The Typical Student team has put together a list of affordable colleges does not mean a bad quality college at all. Previously, we told you about 6 U.S. Public Universities & Colleges That Require No Application Fees. Just keep reading to find out more about top 10 cheapest colleges in the US in 2018.

#1 University of Alaska Anchorage


Location: Anchorage, AK

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $8,159/yr

For nature lovers and future researchers, this affordable college offers access to facilities like the Alaska Center for Conservation Science and the Environment and Natural Resources Institute.

#2 University of South Florida-St Petersburg


Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $10,461/yr

USF St. Petersburg is also in our list of US cheap universities. Here students enjoy the benefits of membership in a premier national research university system, including world-class facilities and academic resources.

#3 California State University-East Bay


Location: Hayward, CA

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $10,131/yr

Believe it or not, you can find some cheap universities in California as well!

The school’s progressive values are manifested in efforts such as its Campus Civic Action Plan and paid “sustainability ambassador” internships.

#4 University of Washington-Bothell


Location: Bothell, WA

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $9,913/yr

UWB is also one of the best affordable colleges for anyone interested in studying digital technology, cybersecurity, or education.

#5 Tennessee State University

east-tennessee-state-universityLocation: Nashville, TN

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $9,604/yr

TSU is among the cheapest colleges in the US and it encourages minorities and emphasizes on cutting-edge research that makes it top value for students of all backgrounds

#6 Missouri Southern State University


Location: Joplin, MO

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $9,193/yr

MSSU is one of the affordable universities in US. The school organizes a variety of events and learning opportunities that introduce students to that country’s culture, music, food, history, and current events.

#7 Texas Woman’s University

texas-womens-universityLocation: Denton, TX

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $8,995/yr

It’s the nation’s largest university designed primarily for women, but they began admitting men to all programs in 1994.  One of the cheapest universities offers 80 different academic programs in biochemistry, fashion design, and pre-occupational therapy.

#8 California State University-Sacramento


Location: Sacramento, CA

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $8,956/yr

More than 50% of those who attend this affordable, accredited university each year are low-income and/or first-generation college students.

#9 CUNY New York City College of Technology


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $6,671/yr

New York City College is among affordable colleges in US. Students interested in fields ranging from architectural technology to industrial design might consider CUNY City Tech, which offers an exceptional experience for those seeking technology-oriented careers. 

#10 California State University-Los Angeles

california-state-university-los-angelesLocation: Los Angeles, CA

Sector: Public

Average Net Price: $3,160/yr

At this super cheap university, you can major in anything from Civil Engineering to Music, Theatre, and Dance. 

Hopefully, this list will be useful for making a university/college choice. Choose wisely!

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