6 INCREDIBLY Complicated Foreign Language Proficiency Tests for Students to Take

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All students are terrified with the exams! Whether you are a nerd or not any kind of test definitely makes you get rattled. Especially when it is a language proficiency test which requires a perfect knowledge of a foreign language. Nevertheless, language proficiency certificates are compulsory for studying abroad or getting a good job.


In other words, language proficiency certificate is a huge advantage for you in any case. Despite the fact that these tests are super stressful, they fully justify their benefits. So, get acquainted with these six most difficult language proficiency tests.




  • IELTS (English)

IELTS or International English Language Testing System consists of four parts (reading, writing, listening, speaking) which check all your English communication skills. You have two hours and forty-five minutes to complete all the tasks. There are two types of IELTS. The first one is Academic, more difficult variant for those who apply for advanced studies. And the second one is General Training, an easier version for those who want to prove their general knowledge of English. The scores are counted from 1 (means that you do not know English well) to 9 (means that you are an advanced English speaker). The main difficulty of IELTS exam is listening part. Besides, writing part can be challenging for those who need more than 60 minutes to come up with a great essay. Visit official exam website to find out more about IELTS.

  • TSF (French)

TSF or Test de Connaissance du Français has several levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 where A1 is basic knowledge of French and C2 is advanced. TSF includes a compulsory part and an optional one. Compulsory part is a test unit that consists of  reading, listening and use of language parts. Optional part is an interview with an examiner (which is basically a speaking unit) and a writing unit. The most challenging part of this exam is writing section (that is a compulsory) since French spelling is not an easy thing to deal with. For more details visit official TSF website.



  • DELE (Spanish)

DELE or Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera. The rating system is the same as TSF rating system, A1 is a beginner and C2 is an advanced Spanish speaker. DELE is pretty similar to previous language tests, notwithstanding, DELE certificate is not temporary and is valid permanently. The main difficulty of the test for most of the students is listening part, however, it is still possible to pass. Find out more at official DELE website.

  • TELC (German)

The European Language Certificates (TELC) Deutsch is pretty similar to TSF and DELE. The rating system of this German language test is from A1 to C2. The main distinctive feature of this test is its oral part, since you will have to converse with another person in front of an examiner. Therefore, it is the main difficulty of the exam, because you results depend not only on you in such situation. To find out more about the exam visit official TELC website.




  • HSK (Chinese)

HSK is Chinese language proficiency test. This test has six levels where  HSK1 is the easiest one and HSK6 is the hardest. Apart from usual tasks HSK includes a part which checks your knowledge of Chinese characters. The main difficulty of this test is speaking unit, since Chinese language intonation and stress can change the meaning of the words. Find more details on HSK official website.

  • JLPT (Japanese)

Japanese Language Proficiency Test has five levels from N5 (general knowledge) to N1 (advanced Japanese speaker). JLPT includes reading, listening, and writing units. Furthermore, JLPT exam does not have a speaking part. The test itself is quite difficult, however, the most challenging parts are listening and writing. Find out more about the exam on the JLPT official website


Although these language exams are extremely complicated and stressful, a language proficiency certificate is a tremendous plus for any student! Good luck in passing the exams successfully!


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