10 MOST Adorable Live Animal Mascots of USA College Football

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The athletics team is an integral part of any respected university. Standing out for the good name of the campus and bringing the sports awards from the competitions is a dream of many campus students. However, apart from hard work and dedication, superstitions matter a lot. For that reason, most of the universities have a mascot, a character that always supports them at the match and brings luck to their team.


The weirdest college mascots are usually people dressed up us animals, however, some of the universities never give up on the tradition to bring the real mascot animals to the games. The mascot meaning is different for all the teams, yet  it represents the spirit and the values of the team visually. The Typical Student team has put together a list of the most adorable animal mascots that will make you awestruck!


#1 Uga (Georgia Bulldogs)


Uga is the everlasting mascot of the University of Georgia-based team, Georgia Bulldogs. The redshirt bulldog was introduced as a staple back in college football back in 1956. Uga X ("Que", 2015–today) is the present-day mascot in the lineage of Uga bulldogs. On his watch, the Georgia Bulldogs won one SEC championship (2017) and one Rose Bowl (2018). Uga X was fist introduced to the public in the game against Georgia Southern.


#2 Mike (LSU Tigers)



Mike is LSU Tigers team mascot, based in Louisiana State University. He is a full-grown Bengal tiger representing the university team in its fifth generation. Mike lives in a luxurious home on the LSU campus, but every so often he leaves his retreat to spend a couple of hours sitting on the sidelines of an LSU football game.


#3 Bevo (Texas Longhorns)




Bevo is Texas Longhorns team mascot, based in the University of Texas-Austin. Bevo is a longhorn bull with burnt orange coloring, the noble symbol of the team and a tradition that lasts since the very 1916. The longhorn's head and horns inspired the school's hand symbol and motto: "Hook 'em Horns". Bevo XV is the present-day mascot introduced to Texas football fans on September 4, 2016.

#4 Rameses (North Carolina Tar Heels)


Rameses is North Carolina Tar Heels team masot, based in the University of North Carolina. A phlegmatic, yet charming ram with blue horns named Rameses has long been the lucky charm for the victory of the athletic teams. Interestingly, the mascot has his doppleganger impersonated with a costumed human. The current Rameses ram is cared by the Hogan family of Chapel Hill.

#5 Sir Big Spur (South Carolina Gamecocks)


Sir Big Spur is South Carolina Gamecocks team mascot, based in the University of South Carolina. The most charismatic mascot, a ooster named Sir Big Spur often tours across the USA to support his team. The rooster is so popular he even has his own Twitter account!  

#6 Ralphie (Colorado Buffaloes)


Ralphie is Colorado Buffaloes team mascot, based in the University of Colorado. Make no mistake, Ralphie the Buffalo is a she, and she's AWESOME! The tradition started back in 1934, three weeks after the selection of Buffaloes as a nickname for the University. After that, a live bison continued made sporadic appearances at CU games. Ralphie I was donated to the school in 1966, since then the mascot unchangeably supports the CU team and never misses a game!

#7 Tusk (Arkansas Razorbacks)


Tusk is Arkansas Razorbacks team mascot, based in the University of Arkansas. Tusk is Russian boar, carried to the game caged. The mascot was chosen back in 1994, when a president of the Arkansas Pork Producers Association, was asked to find a wild hog to make it the live team mascot. The current live mascot is Tusk IV.

#8 Reveille (Texas A&M Aggies)



Reveille is Texas A&M Aggies team mascot. Ever since 1931, a rough collie breed named Reveille has been a representative of the Texas A&M Aggies athletic teams. Reveille IX was officially announced by Texas A&M University on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 and assumed her role on May 9, 2015. Reveille IX has an official Twitter account where she tweets about 'her aggies.'


#9 Boomer & Sooner (Oklahoma Sooners)



Boomer & Sooner are known as mascots of the University of Oklahoma. An extraordinary couple of horses, Boomer and Sooner, support their Oklahoma Sooners team. The statuesque hourses run out on the field to make the team's grand entrance, and they also get to run after every Sooners touchdown!

#10 Lady & Joy (Baylor Bears)


Lady & Joy are the Baylor University football team mascots. Both ladies are well-mannered and used to attend games on leashes until they got too big. As of today, they've put on some weight and now weigh approximately 270 to 280 pounds and live on the university’s campus. 

Let's wish college football teams good luck and more victories with their AMAZING animal mascots!  

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