TOP 20 US Colleges Where Students Turning to 'Sugar Daddies' to Cover Tuition

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FOX News have just posted a shocking report claiming there are top US schools "where students are reportedly turning to sugar daddies to help pay their way through school." The Typical Student team previously told you that UK students are no strangers to similar practices as they resort to sex-for-rent arrangements to cover their accommodation and tuit. 


SeekingArrangement Report 2018



SeekingArrangement is the world’s largest "sugar daddy" dating site that often publishes reports on its trends and demographics. As of recent, they've posted a list of the “Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools.” It is believed that over 2.5M of the 20M members on SeekingArrangement are US college students.

Here's the list of the fastest growing "sugar baby" US colleges, according to the report in 2018:

1. Georgia State University




306 new sugar baby sign-ups 

1304 student members


2. University of Central Florida




296 new sugar baby sign-ups 

1068 student members 


3. University of Alabama



270 new sugar baby sign-ups 

968 student members 


4. Florida State University

257 new sugar baby sign-ups 

873 student members 


5. University of Florida

251 new sugar baby sign-ups 

501 student members 


6. Rutgers University

225 new sugar baby sign-ups 

684 student members 


7. California State University, Fullerton

206 new sugar baby sign-ups 

525 student members


8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

203 new sugar baby sign-ups 

583 student members 


9. University of North Texas

192 new sugar baby sign-ups 

573 student members 


10. University of Missouri

183 new sugar baby sign-ups 

542 student members 


11. West Virginia University

167 new sugar baby sign-ups

550 student members


12. University of Cincinnati

161 new sugar baby sign-ups

522 student members 


13. University of Southern California

156 new sugar baby sign-ups 

583 student members


14. San Francisco State University

154 new sugar baby sign-ups 

510 student members 


15. University of California, Los Angeles

153 new sugar baby sign-ups 

614 student members 


16. Columbia University

152 new sugar baby sign-ups 

1008 student members 


17. New York University

147 new sugar baby sign-ups 

1676 student members 


18. University of North Carolina

142 new sugar baby sign-ups in 2018

514 student members in 2018


19. University of Texas, San Antonio

141 new sugar baby sign-ups 

875 student members 


20. Colorado State University

138 new sugar baby sign-ups 

356 student members 



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