UK Universities vs. US Colleges: 7 KEY Differences

3 years ago



The Typical Student team previously told you about US vs UK: 6 MAJOR Differences in Education System International Students Must Know. Now it's time for more details. 


#1 US college students start education with an orientation week, while in the UK it's called freshers' week.


#2  In the US college dorms, students share a room with two people typically, while in the UK no one shares a room unless they're enrolled in a very posh uni or unlucky.





#3 Sports are treated differently in the US and in the UK. In the US colleges, sports are a very big deal, while in the UK no one actually cares if students join any sports teams at university. 




#4 Making up your mind about the subjects you wish to study before you get enrolled is crucial in the UK.  Meanwhile, in the US, students can take their time until the second year of college. 




#5 US students take tests, quizzes, and exams constantly, while in the UK exams are more of a big deal.




#6 Students in both US colleges and UK universities drink a lot, however, in the it's all about red cups.



#7 In the US colleges, you end up at house parties, while in the UK it's rare for parties to get shut down by police.  






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