6 U.S. Public Universities & Colleges That Require No Application Fees

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Attention to all foreign students looking to submit their applications in one of the U.S. universities! We’re pretty sure you’re aware how much it may cost to study abroad, but why increase the expenses? Application admission to college or university might require paying a fee of up to $75. Why paying the application fee, if you can find a colleges without application fees?


The Typical Student team has picked 6 U.S. 4-year public universities that don’t require fees for application admission. Check them out!


Michigan Technological University (Houghton, MI)


Michigan Tech, or MTU, is a public research university that requires no admission fees for international students. Over 130 degree programs are offered at 5 colleges and schools of MTU. Students can choose among multiple engineering disciplines, including natural and physical sciences, technology, computing, and business. The Princeton Review rated MTU among the "Best in the Midwest." MTU might get students interested by extensive social life and activities.


Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville, MO)


NMSU offers 120 academic programs listing such disciplines as digital media, nanoscale science, education, or marketing. Students can take degree programs in agricultural business, agronomy, farm operations, horticulture, etc. The university has 200+ student organizations providing peers the opportunity to build creative and leadership skills, network. NMSU requires no application fees.


Thomas Aquinas College (Santa Paula, CA)


Thomas Aquinas College is a Roman Catholic liberal arts college offering a single integrated academic program. The college education system including courses is mainly based on the Great Books of the Western Tradition and seminar method. In the first 2 years of the 4-year program students learn the Trivium (logic, rhetoric, grammar) and the Quadrivium (geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, music.)


Jackson State University (Jackson, MS)


Jackson State, or JSU, is one of a historically Black colleges and universities ("HBCU"). The JSU has 6 colleges and 3 schools with a range of disciplines from business, education, and public health to journalism and media studies. Jackson State has 100+ registered student organizations. The interests of JSU's student community are served by academic, residential, religious, Greek, and special interest groups.


United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, MD)   


USNA, or simply Navy, is a 4-year coeducational federal service academy. The 2nd oldest of the U.S. 5 service academies, the Naval Academy prepares its students to become professional officers in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. While studying in the Naval Academy, the students are midshipmen on active duty in the U.S. Navy. USNA sets forth a series of requirements to its prospective students, but doesn’t require application fees.


United States Military Academy (West Point, NY)


USMA, or West Point, Army, The Point, is a 4-year coeducational federal service academy. The academy cadets take the bachelor of science academic program grading their performance upon a broad academic program, military leadership performance, and mandatory participation in competitive athletics. USMA requires no application fees.


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