6 WEIRDEST School Uniforms Worldwide You Won't Believe Exist

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Students hate school uniforms, and it’s not an understatement! Bet, you don’t have any schoolmates who like wearing the same-looking outfits every day.  Teens like to rebel and show off their individuality as much as it’s possible. Still, in particular countries around the world the idea of what a school uniform should look is quite bizarre!

The Typical Student team previously told you about the instances of a dress code violation in Dressed Like a Dog's Dinner: US Students Suspended Over Dress Code Violation. Now, we’d like to tell you about the WEIRDEST school uniforms existing all around the world. Just take a look!  

#1 Beichuan County, China



Students at Beichuan County school in China look a bit weird in these blueish military-style uniforms and red scarves. As you can see, most uniforms are designed for growth, so they don’t have a slim fit. The jackets look puffy, and reportedly students have to wear them indoors, too.  

#2 Eton College, UK


Eton is one of the most prestigious colleges for boys not only in the UK, but in the world! But you just have to look at these uniforms, don’t they remind you of Harry Potter? The students at Eaton are wear a top hat and a tail coat to school as their default uniforms on a daily basis. Bet, they have hard time ironing their uniform or might even get suspended for getting their uniforms wrinkly or dirty.

#3 Norland Nanny School, UK


norland-nanny-school-bath-ukSpeaking of world-famous books, doesn’t this uniform remind you of Mary Poppins? Indeed, the girls at Norland Nanny School in Bath, United Kingdom are proud of wearing their uniforms! The hat and brown gloves are making the whole ensemble remind you of the classic piece of literature written by P.L. Travers.  These girls definitely look prim and proper at all times.

#4 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School, Australia


Another lovely uniform example can be found at St. Aidan’s Anglican Girls School in Queensland, Australia. Some might say these pilgrim-looking school uniforms are cute and all, but to some people they are definitely looking weird. Who knows, maybe this school for girls is looking to incorporate the past into the uniforms. But, as long as these kids are fine with it...

#5 School Uniforms Spray Painting in Indonesia


School uniforms in Indonesia are quite standard. However, there's a thing about the uniform that makes it really unique. Turns out, there is a tradition to celebrate the ending of the four-day national exams by painting the school uniforms with spray paint. And students love it!

#6 Seifuku, Japan


Seifuku or the sailor uniform is a staple in Japanese schools. The uniform got famous worldwide all thanks to anime and manga comics. The uniform typically consists of a blouse in marine style and a pleated skirt. The most interesting thing is - the skirts get shorter the older girls get! Also, the girls wear shoes with small heels and knee-length socks all-year-round. 

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