Why Chinese Students Still Prefer US Universities When Local Institutions Are Among the World’s Best? (RANKINGS)

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As you can see, these days there’s a real education boom happens in China. Chinese educational system becomes more affordable and student-friendly every year. Even online educational resources continue booming! However, the situation wasn’t always so smooth. Lots of Chinese students used to study abroad for years and some of them still do.

In this post, the Typical Student team is going to review 5 TOP Chinese universities that are popular among local and foreign students. We’ll figure out why students from China preferred studying abroad and what’ve changed?

5 Top Chinese Universities in 2018

As stated by QS BRICS University Rankings, there are many worthy Asian educational establishments. Would you like to see, which of them are the most popular ones?

#1 Tsinghua University


Now, Tsinghua University is the highest-placed point in the rankings. Moreover, the university has been taking it all the time the QS BRICS University Rankings exists. The university is located in Beijing. Being the member of C9 League, Tsinghua University enrolls nearly 26,000 students.

#2 Peking University


This one is also located in Beijing. Peking University is the highest-ranked place in BRICS for employer and academic reputation. Originally, Peking University was founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898. 

#3 Fudan University


Located in the biggest China city Shanghai, Fudan University was established in 1905 as  Fudan Public School. It started improving in 2000 to become more comprehensive institution. These days, Fudan University has nearly 29,000 students and 3,000 of them are coming from outside China.

#4 University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)


USTC is situated in the city of Hefei, eastern China. Established in 1958, this university was created with good purpose: to improve China’s economy. That’s why USTC operates 2 national labs. By the way, USTC is the first Chinese institution, which opened a graduate school.

#5 Zhejiang University


Zhejiang University was established in 1897 in the city of Hangzhou. The institution is the member of the C9 League and the Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance. It enrolls almost 50, 000 students.

What About Online Education?


Statistics say that only in 2016 online education in China reached 156+ billion Yuan. It shows a growth of 28%. What is more, according to the same statistics, online education market won’t stop growing. In 2019, there are 270 billion Yuan expected for these purposes.

Main Reasons Chinese Still Study Abroad

Although the universities in China are called the worthy ones, a lot of students still prefer getting their education abroad. The question is: why?

In his research, David Dodwell explains why so many Chinese study abroad when local universities are already among the world’s best.

Among the main reasons is gaokao, which is usually called “China’s examination hell”. Still, this quote explains everything.

According to Kirby: “beyond the openness and accessibility of American universities there is a widespread perception on the part of Chinese parents that a US education is simply better than a Chinese education.

He also adds: “The strengths of China’s education system are more appreciated abroad than at home … Required classes are large. Good teaching is seldom rewarded. Good jobs do not necessarily await graduates of such a suddenly expanded system.

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