10 MYTHS and MISCONCEPTIONS About College Education That Need Busting ASAP (INFOGRAPHIC)

3 years ago



Since early childhood all of us are told higher education is extremely important and can help us further in life. But is that really so? Without a doubt, education makes a difference but we rarely see the whole picture. Sad to admit, colleges and universities have become businesses targeted at students' money. While asking for expensive tuition and fees, colleges tend to offer a lot less in return. An average four-year college experience for a US student differs greatly from what it used to be. 

With student loan debt reaching an ASTOUNDING $1.5 trillion and INSANE post-grad unemployment rates, it's getting harder to believe in the value offered by education. There are typicalmyths and misonceptions about higher ed that absolutely need busting. This is why, the Typical Student team offers you an infographic with 10 MOST common myths and misconceptions about college education to debunk. Take a look! 



What do you think about the value of college education? 

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