10 POWERFUL Student Climate Strike Signs To Make An Impact

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Student climate change has become a powerful force that took over the planet, owing to Swedish Student Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize. Over the past weekend, thousands of students took part in climate change strikes worldwide. The Typical Student team put together a collection of the student climate strike signs that made the most impact. 

#1 San Francisco, USA




US Youth Climate Strike owes its existence to Haven Coleman, 13, Alexandria Villaseñor, 13, and Isra Hirsi, 16, who brought Thunberg’s movement to the US. The climate change strikes took place across the US, including New York City and San Francisco.



#2 Warsaw, Poland

In Warsaw, Poland, the protesters looks were quite flamboyant.



#3 Athens, Greece

In Athens, Greece, crowds of protesters went in the streets. 




#4 Milan, Italy

Hundreds of students have gathered in front of Duomo in Milan. 




#5 Düsseldorf, Germany

In Düsseldorf, Germany, students made a carnival float depicting Greta Thunberg.



#6 Edinburgh, Scotland

Students in Edinburgh, Scotland, showed their view on climate change with signs like: "I'd be in school if the Earth was cool."




#7 Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, Germany, schoolkids used their palms as protest signs:



#8 Wellington, New Zealand

Student climate activists in Wellington, New Zealand, took their protest to the porch of the parliament building:




#9 Hong Kong

Hong Kong students took their message to the streets:




#10 Stockholm, Sweden


Student climate change movement ideologist Greta Thunberg was seen holding a dotted umbrella during the student strike in Stockholm, Sweden: 





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