10 SCANDALOUS Drinking Societies in UK Universities You Didn’t Know Exist

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In case you didn’t know, there is an everlasting tradition of drinking societies in the UK universities. Female and male students likewise engage in binge-drinking, extreme-eating contests, experience bullying, forced break-ups and whatnot.  As told by The Tab, students with the upper middle class backgrounds live it to the fullest. Previously, the Typical Student team told you how UK Students Sign £100,000 NDA to Be University Secret Society Members. Now, tune in for the list of secret drinking student organizations. 

#1 The Bullingdon Club in Oxford


One of the most famous drinking societies in the UK, The Bullingdon club, was founded more than 200 years ago in Oxford. The former PM David Cameron and Boris Johnson were listed its members. The “raucous dinners” held in The Bullingdon club continuously end up making headlines because of the members’ disgraceful behaviour.

#2 The Piers Gaveston Society in Oxford

uk-secret-drinking-societies-piers-gaveston-society-04The Piers Gaveston Society is one more infamous drinking society in Oxford. Allegedly, it was named after "the supposed gay lover of Edward II." With only 12 members, both female and male, hundreds are invited to the midsummer party on a yearly basis. With sex-themed parties held in the middle of nowhere and encouraging visitors “to wear as little clothing as possible” the club gets enough media attention. 

#3 The Pitt Club in Cambridge


Another drinking society, the Pitt Club in Cambridge dates back to 1835. It can boast no less prominent members like actor Eddie Redmayne and royal Edward VII. The glorious days are long gone for The Pitt Club as it now has to lease its ground floor to the Pizza Express

#4 The Roos in Cambridge

uk-secret-drinking-societies-roos-cambridge-05The Roos has less media attention, but it’s no less controversial compared to other drinking societies. This all-male sport-based drinking society in Oxbridge recently made headlines with their mistimer initiation ceremony. The Roos’ initiations duration is allegedly up to 8 hours and includes “a series of physical trials in a combination with drinking rituals.”

#5 Cherubs in Cambridge


Did you know, Stephen Fry used to preside over the Cherubs in his student days at Cambridge. The all-male drinking society reportedly has only seven official members and is known for their "Wine Game." This is an initiation ritual that has the following condition: "if you finish the bottle, then the person who handed it to you buys the next one" and the participants go on until someone pukes.

#6 Notts10 in Nottinghamuk-secret-drinking-societies-notts10-03

The Notts10 in Nottingham is a relatively fresh item on the list as it was founded by a group of freshers in 2018. The male-only society keeps to a number of rules like a very strict members’ dress code. One can only be allowed to attend the events held in the society wearing a bowtie! 

#7 The Praetorian Club in St Andrew's

The Praetorian Club in St. Andrews notorious for its requirement to sign a £100,000 NDA from its new members. At that, the Praetorian members cannot partake in any other club and are required to engage in a private member's club in London.

#8 The Kensington Club in St Andrew's

uk-secret-drinking-societies-kensington-club-07The Kensington Club stands among the oldest all-male drinking societies. It even has a publication called "A Brief History of the Kensington Club: 1739 – 2010". Every year, they hold a "Secret Garden Party" for £45 per ticket for those who make the cut. Otherwise it can cost you up to £300 to attend

#9 Scortum in Bristol

Scortum ("whore" in Latin) is one a rare case of an all-female drinking society in the UK. According to the Tab, the "members are handpicked for their looks, who they know, and who their families are." To pass the initiation, one has to bring along a VIP guest the club’s monthly meetings. As you can see, they don’t bother with secrecy that much!

#10 The Exiles in Durhamuk-secret-drinking-societies-exiles-08The Exiles’ members attend prestigious private schools like Dulwich College, Eton and Sherborne. The candidates’ background often determines the possibility of future membership. Being wealthy, having "good breeding" and wearing a tailored striped navy and yellow blazer are the key factors for being accepted. As for the dress code, apart from the yellow blazers, the members also wear odd-socks.  

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