11 Art School Students Received Full Scholarships To Montserrat College

3 years ago



Fortunately, 11 grads of Lynn-based Raw Art Works just got their full scholarships to Montserrat College of Art. Needless to say, it’s a real dream for any artist. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


Montserrat College Of Art





To make a long story short, Montserrat College of Art is a dream of any artist. With it, 11 graduates of Lynn-based Raw Art Works received full scholarships to the college. It became possible thanks to 2 organizations who already have a long history of collabs: Kurt T. Steinberg, president of Montserrat, and Kathe Swaback, program director at RAW.







“There has been a long-time collaboration between Montserrat and Raw Arts,” said Steinberg. “We have several RAW grads on campus currently, all with multi-year scholarship commitments given by New England Biolabs. A number of our faculty also volunteer at Raw Arts and LynnArts. We have a lot of roots in the Lynn community.”


“We’ve had a great relationship with Montserrat for years, way back to 1997. We are fortunate and happy that Kurt, as did his predecessor, Steve Immerman, has enthusiastically supported that collaboration,” said Swaback.

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