That’s Why 11 Scottish Teachers Refuse Teaching Violent Students

2 years ago



Autumn 2018, 11 teachers in Scotland were sent home after they refused to teach violent pupils. Want more details? In this case, let the Typical Student team share this story with you.

Where Did It Happen?


This story happened in Kaimes school located in Edinburgh. Basically, the institution is at the center of the row between the local council and NASUWT union. Suddenly, 11 teachers refused to work with some students because of these pupils’ behavior. The children were abusive and violent.

The Response of The Council


Well, the local council said that school workers are not allowed to decide who they teach. After this, a union has accused local government of failing in its duty of care. Kaimes in Liberton is a special school for primary and secondary pupils with additional needs. Teachers say that 8 pupils in question pose a risk to health, safety, and welfare.

Finally, the NASUWT union, (of which the 11 teachers are members,) balloted for industrial action on refusing to teach or supervise certain pupils earlier this year.

As you can see, the violent abuse against the teachers is a real problem these days! Talking about the Kaimes’ workers, the students’ actions reportedly include having chairs and signs thrown at them. 


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