ATTENTION, Students! 147 UK Universities May Close Down Due to Lecturer Strikes Next Term

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While some college students are dreaming of starting a new academic year, others are feeling blue because the summer is almost over. However, some British students’ summer might last a little bit longer. The Typical Student team previously told you about The UK Educators Pension Agreement: What’s the Catch for Employers? Now, we've got a fresh intel to share.

UK Lecturers May Strike Again

According to the Tab, classes may be canceled in more than 147 universities all over the UK. The University and College Union (UCU) reps have disclosed the reason for the class cancellation at universities and colleges is a possible industrial strike over the working conditions organized by UCU staff.

uk-lecturers-strike-01Source: The Tab

First of all, UCU staff will vote on whether they want to protest against particular issues such as gender inequality and low pay or not. If members of the UCU decide to strike the lectures will be canceled in almost all the universities all over the country including such big ones as Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, and Durham.

The voting will start on 30 August 2018 and will end on 19 October 2018. During those two months, the UCU will decide whether to strike over their working conditions or not. However, the further strike is more than possible, since all members are advised to vote for.

Why Are UK Lecturers Striking?

The main problems that UCU are going to protest against are low pay, huge gender pay gap and glass ceiling, and temporary working contracts that are being used to replace full-time workers.

The General Secretary of the UCU Sally Hunt said that staff working in the universities cannot and must not be underpaid anymore. Moreover, Hunt adds that the value of pay in higher education leaves them with no other alternative but to ballot for industrial action. Hunt also claims that our universities have to make an investment in staff their main priority which means providing a decent salary regardless of the gender of an employee.

So in this way, most of the universities in the UK could participate in this national protest. Here is a list of 147 universities that might strike this autumn so you can check if your studies would be affected.

See the list of universities that can possibly be affected by the strikes:








Sourece: The Tab

Of course, it is very important to fight for one’s rights, however, what about those students who actually want and need their university classes and who have their rights as well? Not to mention the fact that most of the students pay for their higher education and pay quite a lot of money. So it is still unclear how the students are going to react to the lecturer strikes. However, it is very likely that they will have no alternative but to accept it and wait for their classes to start at last.

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