15 Sheep Enrolled In French Primary School To Boost Student Numbers

3 years ago



A French farmer has recently enrolled 15 sheep at a primary school in France. He did that to boost student numbers after the authorities' announcement that a class was supposed to be closed. This news is definitely the most exciting in the sphere of education over the past year, so the Typical Student team just couldn't help but share it. 


The Original Story




The Jules Ferry school is located in Crêts-en-Belledonne, a village in the Alps northeast of Grenoble. Up until this week, the number of students in the school was 261. Now, they've been joined with 15 ewes owned by a herder Michel Girerd. As reported by the Telegraph, the school has 11 classes at the moment and is scaling back to 10. This would mean the average number of students in each class rises from 24 to 26. After the authorities' announcement, Girerd showed up with 50 of his ewes in front of the school. The enrollment ceremony was attended by some 200 teachers, students and officials. 


What Do Students And Parents Think About The Sheep Enrollment?




One of the student's parents commented to Gaelle Laval told Le Parisien newspaper: "National education is unfortunately only about numbers. And so now, with this surge in numbers, all is well." And seems like the Crêts-en-Belledonne mayor Jean-Louis Maret agrees. During the enrollment ceremony, the mayor presented the ewes with birth certificates, questioning the "annoying threshold logic" causing a class closure. Students present at the event held signs reading, "We are not sheep".

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