17 EXTREMELY Relatable Student Loan Memes

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Even those of you who did not go to college must be familiar with the term ‘student loan’. And yes, paying off your crazy student loans for years after the graduation is not fun at all. And we totally understand those of you who don’t really want to talk about student loans at all. And it’s pretty understandable.

Who on Earth likes paying off huge amounts of money many years? Who would like to pay off their debts instead of going to Paris for the weekend? Who would rather pay off their loan then buy a new fancy car? Well, the answer is pretty obvious – nobody. But still, we must pay off our loans and we can’t do anything about it. However, we have been freaked out by our loans for far too long.

So now it’s time to deal with this problem in another way. Which way? Fun way, of course. Since everybody knows that the best way to get rid of your problem is to make fun of it. The Typical Student team listed 17 EXTREMELY relatable memes about student loans and being in debt.

#1 When somebody asks you how much money do you still owe. Pretty vital, isn’t it?

#2 The very situation when only for a minute it feels like you finally fixed your life, but nope, you didn’t.


#3 Organizing your payment plan is really the easiest thing to do, but still it makes you feel so messed up, isn’t it?

#4 When you finally start your adult life after the graduation.

#5 When everybody tells you to chill, but you are so messed up that literally you can’t figure out how to do that.

#6 This is literally what all postgrads drowned in debts want to do.

#7 And nobody’s opinion will pay off your student loans as well, will it?

#8 Finding creative ways to get rid of the student loans is something that all the postgrads do, isn’t it? Pretty good way to finally forget about your debts though.

#9 You can only calm down when you realize that everybody in your class is in the same position.

#10 Yeah, should you tell them about those crazy student loans? Just a friendly advice, you know.

#11 When you are trying to crash down your loan service website hoping that after that your loans will disappear. Have you tried that?

#12 And your life isn’t going to be yours until you pay off all your student loans.

#13 Oh God, we wish it was that easy in real life. But it will never be, will it?

#14 The most important thing about paying off your student loans is to know how exactly to deal with the bill collectors.

#15 Well, his mother must sort out her priorities, isn’t she?

#16 This is you when you finally payed off your student loans.

#17 And this is also you when you finally can live your loan-free life, even though you are fifty.


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