BREAKING: At Least 18 Students Killed By Bomb Explosion in Russian-Annexed Crimea (VIDEO INSIDE)

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Today, the students of Crimea college faced a shooting attack. The institution in Kerch hit by a deadly bomb. There are a lot of injured students and many reported killed. In this post, the Typical Student team prepared for you the main facts about the tragedy including the freshly released videos.


What Happened in Kerch Polytechnic?

On September 17, an 18-year-old student of the Kerch Polytechnic College carried a shotgun or rifle and killed himself at the site of the attack. The reasons are still unknown. The attack took lives of at least 18 students. Also, many people including college workers were wounded after the homemade bomb attack. View out the BBC News video above!


What Do Witnesses Say?

18-crimea-students-killed-by-bomb-in-kerch-1.jpgFor now, there are only a few facts mentioned. However, a couple of Crimea students say that they saw a gunman stalking the halls of the college. The man was shooting students and teachers before he detonated the bomb. It happened in the college’s cafeteria.

“It was a real terrorist attack, like in Beslan,” the school director, Olga Grebennikova, said, referring to the 2004 terror attack that left more than 330 dead.


What Was The Device?

18-crimea-students-killed-by-bomb-in-kerch-2.jpgAccording to Russia’s Investigative Committee, the explosive device was laced with metal strips that acted as shrapnel when it was detonated. Here’s what the college director said:

“There are a lot of bodies, a lot of bodies of children, ran with automatic rifles, I don’t know what they were, on the second floor, opening offices and killing everyone they could find. I would also be a corpse because all of my people were shot to death. Kids and employees were killed.”


How Many Victims Are Known For Now?

As stated by the committee, there are 18+ people killed. Besides, there are more than 50 wounded in the explosion. Here is one more video from USA Today.

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