18 WEIRDEST Rules and Bans That Will Make You Happy You’re Not in School Anymore

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Needless to say, school is a weird place. It looks like an important step for every future college student. Going to school, you get used to all the possible and impossible society rules. Actually, it’s not about studying, it’s about learning life and people at all. However, what else can school bring you these days? Today, the Typical Student team selected 18 WEIRDEST school rules and bans. Believe us, this list will make you happy that you’re not in school anymore.

Before we get started, don’t miss the previous post, which shows 9 insane school rules student must follow all over the world. There are so many odd things! And the punishments... For example, students of the Northern Lebanon School District are required to smile between the classes. Can you imagine it? If a student was seen without a smile on their face, this poor boy or girl should be taken to the office. There will be a talk "about their problems." And, in case you don’t want to discuss the problem, (or just have no problems at all, so there’s nothing to talk about) you get a detention.

On the other hand, in Nigeria, 2 students were tied to crosses and beaten with horsewhips. What were the reasons? Boys were late! As stated by locals, this situation wasn’t the first time students are abused by school authorities. In this school, corporal punishment for being late is a usual thing. Finally, let’s move to the fresh list of 18 odd school rules. It can make you dream of skipping classes!

#1 Flip Flops Are Prohibited

weirdest-school-rules-05Surely, there’s a straight dress code any classy school has but what should you do when it’s awfully hot outside? There are so many comfortable shoes you can wear at school. One girl says that at her school "backless sandals were allowed, high heeled shoes were allowed, but traditional flip flops were strictly prohibited."

#2 Pledge Chastity Until Marriage

weirdest-school-rules-14Another person wrote that, in their school, scholars must pledge chastity until marriage. "We had to do it in writing, and had to have it signed by two teachers," the student says.

#3 $25 Fine For Chewing Gum at High School

weirdest-school-rules-09Fines at schools are fine but, in this institution, high school students have to pay $25 fine for chewing gum. "I got one the first week of freshman year. I paid them all in change and never got fined again."

#4 No Backpacks

weirdest-school-rules-07The next rule is about banned backpacks. Student are not allowed to have them at all! They should carry everything by hand! "We never received an explanation as to why this rule existed, the school was in a pretty safe neighborhood so it's not like people would be sneaking in guns."

#5 Water Bottles Ban

weirdest-school-rules-13As you can see, there are many things that have ban in US schools. Among them, you can see even such must-haves as water bottles. Students are not allowed to have water bottles outside the cafeteria. Why? Well, school staff thinks scholars can put there vodka…

#6 Hitting Football Players Is OK 

weirdest-school-rules-18Talking about the next school, teachers are allowed to hit local football players. "And 90% of the parents were on board with it," says a boy.

#7 Mock Turtlenecks

weirdest-school-rules-03It’s weird when such a cute thing as a mock turtleneck get a large ban. It becomes even odder when nobody gives an explanation. “We were allowed to wear turtlenecks but mock turtlenecks were strictly prohibited. I still don’t know why."

#8 Cartwheel Friday

weirdest-school-rules-04This may be one of the strangest school rules you have ever seen! Every week students have ‘Cartwheel Friday”. Scholars have to do their cartwheels in the middle of the hallway when they walk into school. What if you just can’t? The students say, if you won’t do it, you will be the one to yell at.

#9 No Snowballs

weirdest-school-rules-02No snowballs rule means that if anyone threw a snowball, it was treated as assault. "If you were seen throwing one, you would be suspended for 10 days."

#10 Hair Washing 

weirdest-school-rules-08How often do you wash your hair? At this school, students are allowed to wash their hair only twice a week. There are no comments but we all literally need to hear them, don’t we?

#11 Word 'Die' Ban

weirdest-school-rules-11Students are not allowed to say the word ‘die’, even if they are talking about dice or something like that. Why? Just because it sounds too violent.

#12 Kneel in The Hallwayweirdest-school-rules-15Moving to the next point, the teachers would make female students kneel right in the hallway. They say it helps to measure student’s skirt length. 

#13 Paying for Speaking In Native Language

weirdest-school-rules-17This student went to international school. He says the students have to pay 10 pesos for every word spoken in Filipino.

#14 Dabs Ban

weirdest-school-rules-12Is a student was seen dabbing, they should have to do 20 push-ups.

#15 Chapstick Ban weirdest-school-rules-101Girls are not allowed to use Chapsticks even when they were needed so much. "My Catholic school banned all makeup, including clear Chapstick. We were only supposed to use water to help with dry lips if needed."

#16 Hugs Ban

weirdest-school-rules-06To continue the list of the odd school bans, let’s add hugging in middle school.

#17 Pokemon Cards Ban

weirdest-school-rules-01The next thing that does look weird in this list is Pokemon cards. They were forbidden as the school because these cards ‘encourage gambling’.

#18 No Dancing

weirdest-school-rules-16Students were not allowed to dance at the prom. You can do it only after signing the “no grinding” contract. "About 15-20 people got kicked out of prom for “breaking the contract.”

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