18-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest Double-Decker Bus Driver in the UK Instead of Going to Uni

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Ever heard of a student working as a double-decker driver? Meet Ellie Rose Houghton, 18, from Kingston upon Hull who not only managed to get a driver’s licence, but actually works as a bus driver! The Typical Student team just couldn’t help learning more about this amazing girl.


How Did Ellie Get into Being a Bus Driver?

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It all started when Ellie Rose Houghton passed her PCV bus test. At first Ellie was to pick up just four minors, but then she has grown to becoming an 87-seater bus driver on a daily basis. Impressive, huh? Make no mistake, this is an extremely responsible job! Ellie had to take two theory tests, three practical tests, and a showcase exam. She has been training to become a full-blown bus driver for eight weeks during this past summer to be able to drive students.


How Did Students React to the 18 Year Old Bus Driver?

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As told by LadBible, Ellie has started driving kids home from school in mere hours after passing her final exams. She recalls that some kids were really surprised seeing a young girl performing the duties of a bus driver. Some were even saying 'look at her, I look older than her'. Naturally, Elly didn’t feel at ease first, so she asked her dad to accompany her during the first couple of rides.


Why Did Ellie Rose Houghton Choose to Be a Bus Driver?


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Turns out, the career choice is quite natural for Ellie, since her family runs Ellie Rose Travel. This is a bus and coach company named after her. Overall, the company has 33 double-deckers and 8 coaches ferrying kinds around Hull and Yorkshire. At first, Ellie didn’t want to partake in the family business, but changed her mind in 2012 after her grandfather had passed away.


So, after she completed her A-levels, she figured she wanted to work in the business instead of going to university.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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