19 Florida College Students And Staff Robbed at Gunpoint In South Africa

2 years ago



19 Florida college students, a professor, and a staff member have been robbed at gunpoint while on a trip in South Africa. According to NBC News, numerous possessions like laptops, cellphones, cameras, passports, money, and bags were stolen from the group. The Typical Student team learned the details. 

What Happened?




The incident happened at a school near the city of Pretoria on Monday while the University of Florida group was heading to visit a preschool class. The South African Police Service released a statement saying a group of at least five armed robbers has assaulted an employee of the Viva Foundation School in Mamelodi East. A local resident was injured by a bullet as the suspects "allegedly fired shots randomly when they were getting away." Meanwhile, the University of Florida spokesperson Steve Orlando reports of two injured locals who came to the group's defense.  The injured were provided with first aid. 

This is the first time an incident like this has happened in an international program for the university, so the university officials said they "will be evaluating this program and location moving forward."




One of the robbery victims, Maya Barrett, told what happened in detail on her Facebook profile:




Barrett wrote on Facebook: "We are all safe and grateful to have walked away from the crime alive. We had people hugging us, feeding us, and apologizing even though they had no fault."





Meanwhile, the South Africa police are continuing their search for the suspects.


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