19 High School Students in France Arrested Under Suspicion In Maths Exam Leak

2 years ago



The Guardian reports about French high-school students that were arrested over maths exam leak. As French teachers are threatening not to reveal the results amidst the leak of baccalaureate maths papers. The Typical Student team learned the details of the incident. 


19 Students Under Suspicion




19 French high-school students were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday in Marseille and Paris. They are charged with the leak of a maths paper via text messages and WhatsApp in June. As the investigation goes on, seven suspects have been released, while 12 are still remaining in custody. As told by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the students "could face charges of exam fraud, breaching trust and conspiracy." 


Teachers Strike Against Changes To End-Of-School Exam



For the time being, French education authorities chose not to cancel the exam sat by "about half of the 740,000 students who completed their baccalaureate this year." The exam markers in some regions of France are resisting changes to the end-of-school exam in 2021. They are threatening not to return exam papers. Exam results are due to be published on Friday. Meanwhile, the teachers' strike affects 108,000 of the 4m exam papers submitted for marking. 



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