2 College Football Mascot Fights To Start Off 2019

2 years ago



College football mascots can sometimes go berzerk during the game. This time around, it’s Clark, the bald eagle, that started acting up right after the national anthem performance at the Cotton Bowl. The footage of the eagle attempting to fly into the stands instantly went viral. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


Clark The Eagle vs Audience




Clark was supposed to fly around the stadium above the audience before the game (Clemson Tigers vs Notre Dame) in Arlington, Texas. However, something went wrong, and the bald eagle  decided to "perch" on two fans from the audience. Luckily, no one got injured by the eagle. The video of the mascot going rogue on audience instantly went viral. See the footage below:



This is not the first time mascots fight during the game. Even though animals are generally cute and bring comic relief to the viewers, sometimes their ferociousness gets caught on camera.  


Bevo vs UGA




Two of the college football’s most beloved mascots almost got into a fight before the 2019 Sugar Bowl. As told by Macon, "Bevo," the Texas Longhorns' mascot charged "UGA," Georgia's bulldog mascot, before the two teams squared off. 




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