2 Engineering Students Scammed Apple Out And Got Over $900,000 Selling Fake iPhones

3 years ago



To make a long story short, in 2019, 2 users allegedly scammed Apple. They got over $900,000 with the fake iPhones. Today, the Typical Student team will give you more details.


Original Story





As it was stated by the federal prosecutors, 2 men scammed Apple out. Their names are Yangyang Zhou and Quan Jiang and they are engineering students in US. They used a smart scheme which included roping in friends and family. At the same time, these people used nonsensical pseudonyms and a slew of mailing addresses.


The Result





According to the court documents, the men imported thousands of counterfeit iPhones. The gadgets came from China and were sold as the real ones. Needless to say, Apple received numerous complaints. All the customers repeated that their new smartphones were broken and didn’t turn on. Fortunately, the company replaces them with genuine models.

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