20 AMAZON Black Friday Deals For College Students

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Thanksgiving is a great family holiday indeed, however, you must confess that it is actually Black Friday that you have been waiting for the whole year. Despite the fact that some marketing experts claim that Black Friday is just a marketing trick and there are no actual discounts, big brands and companies still provide some really good Black Friday deals. Thereby, Amazon obviously cannot stay away from all the madness of Black Friday. The Typical Student team selected 20 best Amazon Black Friday deals for students. Do not miss your chance to by that very thing you always wanted for such a ridiculous price!

#1 Latasa Boots

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-01 Price: $36.00

A pair of fancy red boots will make this cold and depressive winter a little bit brighter.

#2 Western Chief rubber boots

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-03 Price: $29.99

Another pair of cool boots for a rainy day.

#3 Echo Dot smart speaker

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-02 Price: $39.99

Smart speakers for those students who love listening to some cool music in the dorm.

#4 Game of Thrones monopoly


Price: $35.99

You really need to relax after your college classes and playing Game of Thrones monopoly is one of the best ways to spend a cozy winter evening with friends.

#5 Unicorn Stuffed Animal

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-04 Price: $18.47

Just a cute little friend you can talk to if you feel blue.

#6 Under Armour socks


Price: $11.55 - $64.20

Because everybody needs socks.

#7 Lark & Ro 100% cashmere sweater

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-06 Price: $101.50

A cozy sweater for the sweater weather.

#8 Nine West watches

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-09 Price: $25.49

A cool watch for such a ridiculous price, this is a real Black Friday deal!

#9 AmazonBasics training rope

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-08 Price: $40.35

Training ropes for those college students who love fitness.

#10 AmazonBasics laptop and tablet bag

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-12 Price: $9.20

If you still don’t have a laptop bag, you just cannot miss this Black Friday deal.

#11 Pure Clean robot vacuum

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-10 Price: $139.99

Because this is exactly what you need in your dormitory room.

#12 Calphalon bakeware

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-11 Price: $22.19

Just in case you want to bake some blueberry muffins for breakfast.

#13 Kenneth Cole Reaction carry-on luggage

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-13 Price: $59.99

Suitcases for those college students who are going to travel during their winter break.

#14 Herschel backpacks

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-14 Price: $31.99

A fancy backpack that fits all the textbooks and other stuff you need for your college classes.

#15 Canon Lens

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-15 Price: from $115.44

This is the best deal for all the college students whose passion is photography.

#16 Waterproof iPad case

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-16 Price: from $82.01

Waterproof cases for those students who want to protect their iPads from the coffee leaks in their bags.

#17 TP-Link powerline WiFi extender

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-17 Price: from $69.99

Because you need good internet connection when you are preparing for your college classes.

#18 eBags packing cubes

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-18 Price: $19.99

Packing cubes for all the students who want their stuff to be organized.

#19 AmazonBasics bed

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-19 Price: $199.99

Because you want to sleep on a good bed in your dormitory or rented apartment.

#20 Rivet Modern pineapple ceramic table lamp

best-amazon-black-friday-deals-for-students-20 Price: $59.99

Just a fancy table lamp that will make your room cozier for sure.

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