21 Things Freshmen Should NEVER Do During Their First Year in College

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Becoming a college student is always super exciting. And the main reason for this excitement is obviously freedom. Who wouldn’t like to finally live separately and do whatever they want? College life is really all about new friends, parties, travels, and lots of fun. Many students who want to fully enjoy their college years even make some sort of lists with things to do in college. And those lists can include literally anything from taking a shower in a fountain to dressing up as a banana for your first college day. However no matter how fun those things are there are some things that you must not ever do if you are a freshman. So what are those crazy and stupid things you should avoid committing during your first year in college? Check out our list the Typical Student team prepared for you. It consists of 21 insane things freshmen should ever do under no circumstance.

#1 Cheating on your long-term girlfriend or boyfriend at home. It definitely will not be good for either of you, so it’s better to break up with them if you don’t feel like continuing your relationship.


#2 Don’t forget to eat something before drinking alcohol. Believe, you don’t wanna vomit all over the dance floor.


#3 Never sleep with your flatmate. Because it will go bad and you’ll still have to live with them in the same apartment at least till the end of the academic year.


#4 Don’t get a girlfriend or a boyfriend in your first week of college. It’s boring and you will break up anyway.


#5 Never reveal your darkest deepest secrets to strangers. You don’t wanna see other students gossiping about how many boyfriends or girlfriends you slept with during your first college week.


#6 Never steal your roommate’s food and drinks. Just get your own and nobody would hate you.


#7 Do not wear college sports stash unless you are in the first team. Otherwise, you’ll just look stupid.


#8 Never show how excited you are about going to VIP areas in clubs.


#9 Do not post Instagram stories about what you eat or how often you visit the bathroom. Please.


#10 Do not even try to deny that you were gossiping about someone. It’s completely pointless because lots of people definitely heard you tittle-tattling.


#11 Don’t try to be another person. Trying to look and behave like movie characters or famous people you like never works. So just relax and be yourself.


#12 If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please don’t talk about it all the time.


#13 Never talk about politics, nobody cares if you support Trump or not.


#14 Don’t drink too much.


#15 Never move in with people you know less than a month. It’s just a stupid decision.


#16 Don’t try to join every society at uni. You simply won’t have time for all of them.


#17 Don’t refuse when new people invite you to go out.


#18 Don’t lie about everything, it freaks people out.


#19 Don’t tell everyone that you are a heavy drinker.


#20 Do not forget to wash your linens.


#21 Don’t forget to eat something except fast food.



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