23 Hilariously REAL Tweets About Why Being In Your Mid-20s Is A Bummer

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We all know that being a teenager and a student can be tough, sometimes. However, there are also a lot of post-grads that just hate being in their mid-20s for numerous reasons. Think that when you are in your mid-20s, your life turns perfect and you can do whatever you want? Uh no, bad news for you. So you graduated, got a job, but you are still the same teenager inside. All you want is to have enough amount of sleep, food and time.

But you are working at the office, have no time on cooking meals and watching your coworkers leaving their perfect life, engaging with their couples, etc. That’s why post-graduates often suffer from fatigue, lack of a spare time, sort of midlife crisis, etc. So being in your mid-twenties can also be such a nuisance. Previously, we've shared our take on life after twenty in 21 SURPRISINGLY TRUE Tweets About Life In Your Mid-20s. Now, the Typical Student team listed 23 HILARIOUSLY real tweets about living in your mid-20s and trying not to mess up.

#1 Yeah, Lauren, we all believe that that’s the end of your mid-20s crisis.

tweets-mid-20s-15#2 Oh, such a true story. And that’s only a fork. Imagine, what happens after a beat drops, lol.

tweets-mid-20s-23#3 Well, at least you can answer that those ‘from 2003’ were actually vintage. 

tweets-mid-20s-01#4 Ok, so don’t open the Reddit, cause it just has no end. 

tweets-mid-20s-21#5 Oh, that would be just perfect, right? 

tweets-mid-20s-14#6 Well, that’s a tough question. Why don’t you ask the plants if they enjoyed bubbles?

tweets-mid-20s-09#7 Oh, you might forget about the hateful eight of your coworkers. 

tweets-mid-20s-17#8 Sleeping? Seeing a nightmare of you, being late for the meeting with the boss.

tweets-mid-20s-11#9 Oh, we wish there were some info on that query. 

tweets-mid-20s-12#10 But does actually any human can learn to be around people? 

tweets-mid-20s-05#11 Just keep rolling on the Wheel of Samsara, Jonny.

tweets-mid-20s-14#12 That’s right, Dana! Just achieve the tasks and you will see how your life changes (no.)


#13 We hope you are not saying this about your children.

tweets-mid-20s-04#14 What an interesting way of responding to the emails.


#15 Yeah, just don’t ruin the picture of a perfect adult life for this kid. What a surprise it will be.


#16 Wow, what a healthy ration. Just remember that phrase: ‘You are what you eat’, a boba and salt creature.


#17 Wait, what? Need to cross it out from my CV, immediately.


#18 Uh, that was a really bad day, we guess.

tweets-mid-20s-19#19 But wait, does going upstairs into the office counts?

tweets-mid-20s-22#20 You can also add ‘crying hard’, it will become such a surprise for them.


#21 At least you got work. That’s not so bad, Julia.

tweets-mid-20s-03#22 But why did you forget about the robbers?

tweets-mid-20s-06#23 What a wonderful life. In wine, truth.

tweets-mid-20s-07So that’s all for today, folks. As you can see, being in your mid-twenties can be hard. But there are a lot of benefits, too. Did you like this tweets compilation? 

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