Sexting, Sleepovers & Bribes: 24 Australian Teachers Banned for Posing 'Unacceptable Risk' to Students

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24 educators from Queensland, AU, have been banned or suspended this year for posing an "unacceptable risk" to students, according to  the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT).

At that, 4 teaching licenses were cancelled and 20 educators suspended for breaches which include sexual misconduct and bribery. The Typical Student team decided to look into the problem.


How Australian Teachers Cross Professional Boundaries?




So, in what ways are teachers posing “unacceptable risk” to students? According to the news outlet, there have been a series of shocking teacher behavior that ended up with strict punishment. Here are just a few outrageous examples.


Sexual Misconduct





The 35-year-old science teacher was allegedly grooming an underage student for sex in biology class in 2015 and 2016. Afterward, the teacher rewarded her with $250 when she lied about their contact to protect him.


The same teacher was allegedly sending "overly familiar and intrusive" Facebook messages to another 15-year-old female student. Some messages were extremely abusive and reading things like: "lick me, I'm salty".


Serious Boundary Violations


A headteacher at one of Queensland schools had his teaching license canceled for four-and-a-half years. His conduct with students was considered as “serious professional boundary violations” and not for nothing!


Allegedly, the headteacher was organizing a sleepover for students at his home. That same person was driving students to another town to mow his wife's lawn. The same headteacher was allegedly taking students on excursions without parents’ permission and allowing unlicensed children to drive his car.


Luckily, these are only a few shocking examples of inappropriate behavior. There are 107,000 registered educators in Queensland teachers, according to, and very few crossed professional boundaries.


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