2M US Students Are Vaping Cannabis, Survey Reveals

3 years ago



Did you know that 1 in 11 US high school seniors have used cannabis in electronic cigarettes? The recent JAMA Pediatrics research has revealed the immense popularity of marijuana vaping among teens. The Typical Student team is sharing the shocking facts & figures of the newest research.


Why Students Like Vaping Cannabis?



Vaping is thought to be safer than real cigarettes, which is quite disputable. E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, however they can vaporize other substances, including cannabis, as well. The long-term effects of smoking e-cigarettes are yet to be researched.


In 2017, the National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed the following data on tobacco product use:

  • Middle school students used tobacco products (3.3%), followed by cigarettes (2.1%), smokeless tobacco (1.9%), cigars (1.5%), hookah (1.4%), pipe tobacco (0.4%), and bidis (0.3%).
  • High school students used tobacco products after e-cigarettes (11.7%) were: cigars (7.7%), cigarettes (7.6%), smokeless tobacco (5.5%), hookah (3.3%), pipe tobacco (0.8%), and bidis (0.7%).

This year’s numbers suggest vaping by high school students is up by about 75 percent.

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