3 Canadian Students Who Won Up To $100,000 In Scholarships This Past Week

3 years ago



Looks like it's raining Canadian scholarships and grants! Within a week, students have won scholarships and grants. The Typical Student team selected students who were extremely lucky to get scholarship awards to complete their education. 


#1 Joshua Kish, Wyandotte Roosevelt High School



Joshua Kish became one of 106 students who were selected to receive a 2019 Horatio Alger National Scholarship across the US and Canada. Each winner was awarded a prize of $25,000 that he can use for up to 5 years of college studies. Students awarded with the 2019 Horatio Alger Association National Scholarship typically come from households with an annual average income of $14,692 maintaining an average GPA of 3.75.


#2 Marilyn Sheen, Kensington Intermediate Senior High School on P.E.I.





Marilyn Sheen is a student from Island who recently became one of 35 Loran Scholars for 2019. She has won the 2019 Loran Scholarship award valued at about $100,000. As told by CBC, Sheen "has represented P.E.I. at the Canada Games for mountain biking, she has worked as a figure skating coach and the essay she submitted centred on the importance of giving back to her community."  


#3 Alexander McLeod, Western University




Alexander McLeod, a second-year American studies student at Western University, won the Full Ride competition held by Student Life Network and CIBC last Friday. He was awarded $35,000 to cover his tuition fees for 4 years of education. Alexander got nominated to be a part of a video series about student life on campus called “USC Student Stories,” and went for his interview on Feb. 7.





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