3 DRAMATIC Events On School Sports Grounds That Shook The Internet

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A school sports ground is a place where major school events happen. Unfortunately, at times these events can end up in a drama if not a tragedy. Funny or sad, all of the events listed below shook the Internet in the past couple of months. So, the Typical Student team made a list to remind you of how dangerous a school sports ground can actually be!


37 students hospitalized after hot turf made them sick


37 students from John Marshall High School in Moundsville, WV, have been hospitalized in after overheating during the band practice. The heat radiating from the turf caused the students practicing at Monarch Stadium to be taken to the local medical facility. The students’ parents shared their concerns with the local news outlet saying:


"It was just too hot for the kids to be marching out there. Hopefully, next time, they'll have enough to keep them hydrated."

The turf’s temperature reached 160 degrees, which eventually caused severe dehydration and overheating. Luckily, the ambulance arrived on time to help the students out. It had been confirmed by the OVMC doctors that one student was to stay “overnight for monitoring.”


Student Death On Sports Field


dramatic-events-sports-ground-03The sudden death of college athlete  earlier this summer literally shook the internet. The University of Maryland student was taken to hospital after a sudden collapse on the sports ground and soon died.


He was diagnosed with a hard heatstroke, however, at the time of hospitalization his state was a “critical but stable condition”. Allegedly, the college team’s coach fell under suspicion after the tragic event. Read more on the story in Football Coach in University of Maryland Is Under Suspicion After Student’s Sudden Death.


The Pooperintendent



Previously, we told the story related to the track field. As told Buzzfeed, the superintendent at  the Holmdel High School, NJ, was arrested for "repeatedly pooping on the school’s sports ground." According to the news outlets, school coaches have been "finding human feces, on or near the area of the high school track/football field on a daily basis."

The mystery pooper was identified as Thomas Tramaglini, 42, who was a  superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth Public Schools district. He was caught in the act “with his pants down” in the middle of the undercover police operation and charged with “lewdness, littering, and defecating in public.” Read more on the story in 2 EPIC FAILS by Education Officials That Broke the Internet in May 2018.

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