3 EPIC Female Student Escapes Happened in US (VIDEOS)

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Have you ever thought of how many students should escape from somewhere? The answer may shock you! In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you about 3 EPIC female student escapes that happened in US.


#1 Escape from Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, US



Christmas 2017, 18-year-old Alyssa Gilderhus had a ruptured brain aneurysm. Although local neurosurgeons saved girl’s life, Gilderhus family was unhappy with the care Alyssa received during the rehabilitation. The student didn’t like it as well, so her parents decided to transfer their daughter to another hospital.


Mayo is a world-famous hospital but somehow the workers refused to let Alyssa leave. Her family continued asking Mayo about it for 2 months! Finally, they came to the lawyer, who wrote a supporting letter. Even this step didn’t help.


After that, Alyssa suspected that Mayo wants to get a guardian appointed, which allows making medical decisions for her. And she was goddamn right! Later, it appeared that Mayo staff visited 2 county adult protection agencies trying to make guardianship arrangements.


Winter 2018, student’s stepfather finally got the idea how Alyssa can escape from Mayo clinic. To do it, Alyssa needed the help of her 80-year-old granny. Girl’s father told nurses that Betty wants to visit Alyssa but can’t make it all the way upstairs.


And it worked! Here is the video Alyssa’s 9-year-old sister filmed.

#2 Escape from Kidnapper’s Car, Atlanta, Georgia, US


September 20, Jalia Gladden, 21-year-old Atlanta student, was kidnapped in the cartpark of the supermarket. The stranger produced a knife and made the girl get into her own car. Then Julia was taken to an abandoned church, where the man raped her.

The next thing the student remembers is the kidnapper telling her he planned to rob a gas station. He needed something that is nearby. Even after all the terrible things Jalia went through, she didn’t lose control. The girl answered she needs her mobile back to google the local gas stations.


As soon as she got the phone, Jalia shared her location with bf. Here is the conversation.





#3 Escape from Trunk, Birmingham, Alabama, US



Another kidnapping happened to 25-year-old Brittany Diggs. Brittany was also put in the trunk of her own car. This time, the stranger had a gun.


Luckily, this nursing student had a chance to leap from the truck. The kidnapper was found a week later. Kidnapping, robbery and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card brought him to Jefferson County Jail, Alabama.


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