3 Key Skills According To Bill Gates To Help You Get Employed

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Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, is considered to be among the richest people in the world. So it’s not a surprise that for most people his name has already become a synonym to the word “wealth”. As a matter of fact, Gates’ fortune, according to Forbes, is around $95 billion (£74 billion). However, most of his money Mr. Gates spends on charity projects such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Considering the fact how successful and rich Bill Gates is, you might want to hear some of his career advice. The Typical Student team shares three specific subject areas which a 63-year-old billionaire thinks would be in demand in the future as well as some tips on getting a job in the future.

Math Will Rule the World?



Gates claims that math skills will definitely be required in the future since most of the professions would be connected with science and technologies. In his interview with Daniel Roth, a Linkedin executive editor, Gates said: "I do think a basic knowledge of the sciences, math skills, economics [would be necessary]. A lot of careers in the future will be very demanding on those things." The billionaire adds that such fields as Artificial Intelligence, Biosciences, and Energy would be in high demand in the future. Well certainly, this isn’t good news for those of you who just can’t stand math, is it?

Consider how specific fields may shift within years



Another thing Bill Gates recommends college students to do is considering how some fields might shift throughout the years before choosing your major. He commented: "How are they likely to revolutionize the field that you are in? Even if you are thinking about sales or marketing, the rules of the game will change because of the digital revolution." So you have to be able to keep up with the time. However, earlier Gates also claimed that it is extremely important to set up the balance between the technology use and traditional pastimes. Moreover, the billionaire said that he forbade his children to use technologies until they were 14.

Join technology or science fields despite the fact you are bad at math and science



According to Gates, it’s okay if you are not good at science and math, you don’t have to be a scientist in order to work in the burgeoning energy industry, for example. There are many jobs in such fields as Biosciences, Artificial Intelligence, Energy and others that absolutely do not require math skills. For instance, various managers do not necessarily have to be experts in science or excellent at math.

Surround yourself with those who challenge you

And last but not least, Gates strongly recommends being with those people who would help you to get the most out of yourself. He twitted the following: “Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self. As @MelindaGates does for me.” So no matter how the world and the job market would change throughout the years, don’t let these changes make you unemployed.

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