Pizza ATM Machines On Campuses And 2 More Tasty Things Finally Created For Students

3 years ago



What else can impress today's students? Today, the Typical Student team will show you 3 more incredible inventions any student was waiting for.


#1 Pizza ATM Machines





Finally, it happened! In 2019, Students at Ohio State University are getting these long-awaited pizza ATM machines. Rather than ten dollar bills, this ATM provides students with 10-inch cheese and pepperoni pizzas.


#2 R2D2 Delivery Robots





In one of our previous posts, the Typical Student team already told you about these cool snacks delivery robots that look like R2D2. These robots are made at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, US.


#3 Cupcake ATM






Cupcake ATM is another great idea! These are the vending machines for fresh cupcakes and they are perfect to be placed on college campuses.

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