3 US Female Teachers Facing Charges for Having Sex With Students This Week

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Back to fresh news, there are more and more cases about teachers having sex with students appearing. Today, the Typical Student team selected for you the stories of 3 US female teachers who faced sex-related charges during the last week.


#1 Twinsburg Teacher Facing Charges for Alleged Sex with Student

3-us-female-teachers-having-sex-with-students-1.jpgIt happened at Twinsburg High School, Twinsburg, US. The 32-year-old Laura Bucy, who is a home economics teacher, was charged for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her student. It appeared when Bucy went to her ex-husband's father's house and told that she wants to confess her sins. The teacher told she had sex with one of her students and then made a couple of other incoherent statements.


#2 New Jersey High School Teacher Sending Nude Pics to Student

3-us-female-teachers-having-sex-with-students-2.jpgAnother case happened at Montgomery High School, New Jersey, US. The 29-year-old teacher named Michelina Aichele was emailing her nude photos to a student and had sexually explicit conversations. The 17-year-old student confirmed these facts when talking to the police.


#3 Ohio High School Teacher Charged With Sexual Battery

3-us-female-teachers-having-sex-with-students-3.jpgOne more female teacher faced sex-related charges this autumn. This story is about 39-year-old Kristen Grow, who has taught at Northridge for 18 years! However, the teacher in Northridge Local Schools in Licking County was placed on leave when the charges appeared. In 2018, Kristen Grow had sexual contact with one of her students.


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