3 Viral Students Whose Makeup Remains Perfect No Matter What Happens

3 years ago



Recently, Chloe Olivia posted a five-star review of the popular brow product to Anastasia Beverly Hills's website and her picture went extremely viral! The thing is that the girl was hit by a car while out on a run. She walked away with multiple broken bones but the eyebrows makeup remained perfect. Today, the Typical Student team selected for you the stories of 3 girls whose makeup remains gorgeous no matter what happens.


#1 Chloe Olivia

3-viral-students-with-perfect-makeup-1.jpegSo, Chloe Olivia posted her selfie after she was hit by a car. "If you are considering getting this product, BUY IT," she wrote. Just look at this pic! Her brows really look flawless.


#2 Shelby Pagan

3-viral-students-with-perfect-makeup-1.jpgThis story is about Shelby Pagan who is 25 y.o. Same to the previous girl, Shelby suffered a car accident. She got multiple injuries including cervical strain, head laceration, closed head injury, and a knee contusion. However, her lines remain perfect. Shelby said she uses Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.


#3 Marshala Perkin

3-viral-students-with-perfect-makeup-2.jpgFinally, take a closer look at the pic of Marshala Perkin. February 2018, 19-year-old Texas A&M University-Commerce student was caught with marijuana. She spent some time with the police and, as you can see from this viral pic, Marshala’s makeup is brilliant.

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