3 Vital Secrets Any Student Should Know To Get A Scholarship In 2019

2 years ago



Without a doubt, receiving a scholarship is the dream of any college student. That’s why, in this post, the Typical Student team will share with you some important secrets. Here is what you should know in order to get an impressing scholarship.


#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Apply






Although it might sound strange, many college students are too shy to apply for scholarships. For example, a couple of years ago, there was a $3 billion FAFSA grant that went unclaimed. Why? Well, just because students did not apply for it.


#2 Check The Application Requirements






Following the application requirements might be one of the most important things a student should do to get a scholarship. It might sound simple but, in 2019,  nearly 20% of all applications are disqualified because people do not follow the instructions.


On average, modern scholarships come with quite clear instructions like:


  • Name, address, phone number;
  • Essay in a specific format ;
  • Headshot picture;
  • Specific form to use.


Keep in mind that you'll get disqualified immediately if you won’t follow the instructions.


#3 Promote It!






Yep, you should promote the scholarship you choose. Don’t hesitate to let your mates and followers know you applied for the scholarship. Just use social media for it. Such a step will show your enthusiasm.



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