3 WEIRDEST School Headteachers NO Student Would EVER Wish For

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Teachers and headteachers are people as well, so it’s natural for them to do weird things sometimes. And the reasoning behind their actions might be unclear. Inspired by a Reddit thread about odd stuff teachers do during the class, the Typical Student team listed strange, outrageous, and plain weird things done by educators. Take a look!


#1 Chinese nursery principal welcomes back kids with pole dancer



The incident in the kindergarten in the Chinese city of Shenzhen went viral after a shocked parent has told about it to the news outlet. Turns out, kids were welcomed with a pole dancer’s performance after the holidays. And that was the initiative of the nursery’s headteacher!


The video of the performance was shared on Twitter by a journalist Michael Standaert with a caption: "Who would think that this is a good idea?" Also, he told about his intention to take his children out of the nursery. As a result, an apology for the performance was issued and an official statement saying the kindergarten principal had been dismissed.




#2 UK headteacher was making explicit pics of children while being on ‘sick leave’




No less shocking story happened in the UK this past July. Rhian Desouza, 43, used to work as a principal at Gellionnen primary school in Swansea. Mother of two, Desouza has recently been suspended for making the “indecent photographs of a child.”


She admitted to doing that herself, telling it happened in May and June 2018. Read more on the story in UK Headteacher Admits to Making Explicit Pics of Children While Being On ‘Sick Leave’


#3 UK headteacher built a sex dungeon in his office to have an affair with secretary


As if the previous story wasn’t creepy enough, here’s another one. James Stewart, 72, a headteacher at Sawtry Village Academy in Cambridgeshire was charged with misconduct in a public office and jailed for 4 years. After raiding the headteacher’s office, the police have discovered he had  built a ‘sex dungeon’ to have an affair with his married secretary. As told by Metro.co.uk, the ex-headteacher allegedly stole £100,000 of school cash to support his lavish lifestyle. Just take a look at the most curious dungeon findings below:




weirdest-headteachers-students-never-wish-for-03Source: Metro.co.uk


Just to cheer you up, not every teacher is weird in a bad way! Some actually have a nice sense of humor. Take David Red who loves cosplays, meme impersonations and more. We just can’t get enough of Professor Red’s jokes, but you can learn more about him in 10 Times This Bored Teacher Played HILARIOUS Jokes on His Students.

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