Over 30 Women Harassed by Campus Gynecologist, University of Southern California Turns a Blind Eye

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August 2018, there are over 30 women claimed that the University of Southern California didn’t protect them. The girls faced abuse and sexual mistreatment from the local gynecologist named Dr George Tyndall. In this post, the Typical Student team is going to figure out what actually happened.


Complaints of Tyndall’s Patients


Actually, these were not the first claims! After the new wave of complaint students returned to LA, where they start the autumn semester.


Talking about Dr George Tyndall, he was accused of targeting students, Asian girls mostly. May 2018, the Chinese government even issued a special statement. It expressed serious concern about Tyndall’s behavior.


On average, the 22-52-year-old doctor’s patients complained that Tyndall touched them inappropriately. Women said, he also made some lewd remarks and never used gloves during vaginal exams.


There are a lot of anonymous plaintiffs, who talk about harassment. Among them, there’s a Tyndall’s student. She’s already graduated and now lives in Taiwan. The girl said that in 2014-2015 years Dr George Tyndall groped her breasts while making harassing comments.

In accordance with the lawsuit, Dr Tyndall said: “Taiwan’s ob-gyn doctors always have a lot of fun with girls.”


Let’s view out one more quote by Tyndall. The victim says that doctor probed her vagina saying she “needs a man with a big penis to satisfy her.”


Any Comments?


As expected, George Tyndall denied any wrongdoing. He just said that his actions have always been appropriate.


The End of The Investigation


Finally, internal USC investigation showed that doctor’s behavior was outside the scope of today’s medical practice. It amounted to sexual harassment of Tyndall’s patients.


Still, summer 2017, there was a secret deal, which allowed the doctor resigning quietly with a financial payout. After all, the University of Southern California hided this information. Tyndall’s patients were not informed! In addition, the Medical Board of California - the agency, which is responsible for protecting the public from problem doctors - wasn’t informed as well.

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