377K Chinese Students Can Enroll in US Universities With Gaokao Exam Results in 2019

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Did you know, there are 377,000 international students from China enrolled in US universities at present? Despite US Limiting Visas for International Chinese STEM Students: Will You Be Affected? some colleges aim at increasing the number of students from abroad. According to BBC, University of New Hampshire (UNH) is going to accept the Chinese university entrance exam, the Gaokao, aiming to attract more Chinese students. And, looks like there will be supply for the demand: about 10 million students took the 9hr exam in China last week.


The significance of this exam can’t be overestimated. Every year, Chinese pupils take the Gaokao to determine their career and future prospects.



Why Is Gaokao Exam ‘Life-Changing’?


In China, the Gaokao is dubbed as a 'life-defining' test. It’s similar in structure and format to the SAT exam held in the United States. The multi-subject exam is taken annually to give Chinese students a chance of getting into top universities followed by employment in the top companies.


Failing the test means an individual is jeopardizing their life leaving it with little prospects. Just imagine, out of 10 million students sitting through Gaokao, 1 in 4 won't end up with a university place.


University of New Hampshire Enrollment Requirements




Last fall semester, the University of New Hampshire had 781 international undergraduates on campus. Almost half of them (357 students) arrived from China. According to the university newspaper, the quantity of foreign students has doubled from 5 previous years. The latest enrollment initiative is already available online: the university has just started a recruiting website in Chinese and English.


The students who wish to enroll in the UNH, must comply with a number of requirements prior to proceeding with their application:

  • submit their Gaokao results
  • take an English test
  • participate in a video interview
  • send their high school transcripts

However, it might be still necessary for Chinese students to sit in the American SAT or ACT exam. One of the reasons for UNH being so adamant about an international enrolment is bolstering its revenue with a full-priced tuition. Currently, the University of New Hampshire annual tuition and housing equal $45,000 (£34,000).

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