4 UK Universities That Made Headlines For Their Harsh 'Anti-Homeless' Measures On Campuses

2 years ago



Many UK universities are known for their social initiatives. The city of Cambridge being one of the biggest educational centers in the UK, has a problem with homelessness. According to the Tab, 1 in 784 people in Cambridge are homeless. The Tab’s journalists have noticed that some of the Cambridge University's places have been installing 'anti-rough sleeping' lights meant to prevent bums from staying there. The Typical Student team learned if other UK universities have anything of a kind, and what exactly they do.


‘Anti-Homeless’ Practices On UK University Campuses

The 'anti-homeless' measures are quite wide-spread among the UK university campuses:

Cardiff University has installed 'anti-homeless cages' next to warm air vents on campus.





London School of Economics has had barriers on benches installed to ‘stop homeless people sleeping.






Oxford University has been mocked on social media after an email that “seemingly implied the "highly developed social conscience" of students was drawing homeless people to the city’ as told by BBC News.



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