400 UK Students Didn't Show Up for English Lecture, So Angry Professor Emailed Each One of Them

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What happens if the entire course of students doesn’t show up for a lecture? Is there a way for a professor to express their disappointment? Well, according to The Birmingham Tab, there is. An English professor emailed a picture of an empty lecture theatre to the entire course after none of the students showed up for her lecture. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


How Did English Professor React to Student No-Show?



Source: The Tab

This past Tuesday, 400 second year English students were supposed to attend a "Demystifying Marking Criteria and Assessment" lecture. However, none of them showed up, no viable reason given. The professor sent out a “furious” to all English undergraduates the next day.

The emails contained the picture of an empty lecture theatre and a comment: "The picture below is of the second year lecture in the Vaughan Jefferies lecture theatre on Tuesday. I was frankly shocked at this total lack of interest, from roughly 400 students in the second year, in a lecture explaining marking criteria and our marking processes. I can only assume that these are not areas of concern after all."


Why Didn’t Students Show Up for English Lecture?




Source: The Tab

According to The Birmingham Tab, students didn’t show up for the lecture because they had no clue it was supposed to be held. One student commented to The Birmingham Tab: "I think it's unrealistic to expect students to show up to a lecture in reading week when many students go home and it's mean coming back for one lecture. I think additional support should be ongoing and not a one-off."

From on, registers will be used as an educational measure in all classes of the English department. In the event English students don't show up to two lectures, they will have a meeting with welfare regarding their attendance. Before this incident, only English seminars were registered. 


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