475.000 UK Students Seeking "Sugar Daddies" For Financial Support

3 years ago



As student debt is increasing, some students are trying to find ways of tackling with their lack of finance. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about sex-for-rent arrangements that some UK students resort to. Now, there's more statistic coming in, check it out.


Why Are Students Looking For "Suggar Daddies"?  



It's no secret that SeekingArrangement is one of the most popular websites where students look for a 'sugar daddy' willing to support them financially.  The data provided by the website, suggests that over 475,000 UK students are seeking "wealthy, older men for help." Students may receive up to £2,900 in a monthly allowance which may also include "networking opportunities" and "career or business advantage." And that's apart from getting help paying for university-related costs like books and stationery. 


How Does It Work?



As told by the Mirror, so-called 'sugar babies' create a profile on the website where their potential suitors can learn what they're looking for and for how much. One curious detail: if a profile is registered using a university email address, it's automatically bumped up to a premium account. 

To fill in the profile, students can select from their suitors' parameters like body type, age, ethnicity and height, "to filter through the kinds of men they want to meet." 

At that, most students don't think of these types of arrangements as on escort. Most of them say "everything is negotiable" and that they want to "have a good time together beneficial for both" parties. 


What About "Suggar Daddies"? 



As for the "sugar daddies," they are asked to include their net worth. Surprisingly enough, not all reigstrars want an 'escort' type of a relationship in real life. Some may be looking for an 'online only' relationships, sending pictures 'at various stages of undress'. "Daddies" have pretty serious requirements for the "baby" saying they must be "attractive, intelligent, articulate and a non-smoker and know how to conduct herself in public and private."


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