50 Student Workers At University of Sydney Were Fired Without Reason

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50 student workers at University of Sydney were fired from their jobs, no viable reasons given. As told by BuzzFeed News, on the past weekend, students working in the university call centre received emails telling they no longer had jobs. The Typical Student team learned more on the situation.


Who Sent the Email to Students?



Source: BuzzFeed News


The email was authored by the contractor operating the Sydney Telephone Program, the US company Ruffalo Noel Levitz. The email explained that the next day would be the final day of calling as the call centre “would be closing for “operational reasons”. As a result, the employment of all students and supervisors would terminate “effectively on that date”.

Hersha Kadkol, the second-year student at University of Sydney,who worked five or six shifts a week commented on the situation: “To be sacked by email is bad enough, but then the fact that it was within 18 hours of the last shift is pretty appalling. Being given no time to find an alternate source of income, you just feel used."


The Notice Period Was Too Short




Source: BuzzFeed News


Turns out, the call centre had a budget limited by the number of hours per year. This year, the paid hours were completed earlier than the previous year. Ruffalo Noel Levitz given the prior notice to the university on September 26 there were only 350 hours left. The calling would end on October 6. However, RNL failed to communicate the date to students beforehand, so they were in the dark until October 5!

This caused major outcry, so RNL offered new shifts for students who used to be employed until October 23. Instead of making phone calls, the students will be writing thank you cards to donors. A number of students have told BuzzFeed News that other employees have posted in their Facebook group that they have missed out on shifts.

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