That’s How 55 US Schools Received Grant For Music Education

3 years ago



Autumn 2018, the students of West Virginia middle schools in all 55 counties are about to receive grants from the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. Why is that? Let the Typical Student team tell you more info!


The Reasons

55-us-schools-received-grant-for-music-education.jpgTo begin with, the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture, and History works alongside the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. The main task is to provide musical instruments, ongoing program management, and materials for students who dream of music education.

"Band provides students to be involved with a group; they have goals to meet.  Of course, they are playing music, being creative. I think it is very important to keep those programs alive and strong," said Tucker County Music Director Rob Masten.

The Visit

55-us-schools-received-grant-for-music-education.pngRecently, the officials from the VH1 Save the Music Foundation visited Randolph and Tucker County schools. They celebrated the commitment to arts and music education.

“The love of music, the commitment, and the importance of students are the same. The school district has to commit to provide a fulltime certified music teacher teaching during the school day in a dedicated classroom," said Chiho Feindler of VH1 Save the Music Foundation.


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