$67M to Arm Florida School Teachers With Guns: All Details of New “Marshal Program”

3 years ago



In the wake of mass protests demanding to tighten gun control, Florida has just approved the bill to arm teachers. Here’s what you need to know:

● The bill foresees a “marshal program” aiming to have at least 10 teachers (marshalls)  trained to carry a gun in every school.

● According to Tampa Bay, $67 million is to be allocated to the marshal program under the bill. These funds will cover the expenses on “background checks, drug testing, psychological exams and 132 hours of training.”

● A one-time $500 stipend will be provided to the gun carrying volunteers.

● Each state school will have freedom to decide if they want to arm teachers or not.

What Is SPB 7022 Bill All About?

Also, the SPB 7022: Firearm Safety bill stipulates the following (as cited from the bill description):

● authorizing a law enforcement officer to seize and hold firearms and ammunition if taking custody of a person who poses a potential danger to himself or herself or others and who has made a credible threat against another person;

● prohibiting a person who has been adjudicated mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution from owning or possessing a firearm until certain relief is obtained;

● prohibiting a person younger than a certain age from purchasing a firearm, etc.

Raising the Legal Gun-Buying Age

It was reported that the bills SPB 7022, 7024 and 7026 submitted to the Senate Rules Committee on February 26 are to raise the legal age for purchasing any firearm in Florida.

Namely, the gun-buying age is to be raised from 18 to 21, and a 3-day waiting period for purchases is to be introduced.

Currently, the law has such requirements for handguns only. Military and law enforcements are the exception. As for the teachers, it is still unclear if they would have to buy their own guns or if the guns are to be provided to the teachers.

The legislation will ban the sale of bump stocks, firearm accessories (namely, those “allowing semi-automatic rifles to fire at near-automatic rates”). Possession of arms would remain legal, and the age limitation under the bill would not apply to private sales.

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