Let's Get Physical: 8 MOST EFFECTIVE Gym Motivation Tips for Students

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Yes, we know that college life is tough and you don’t have any time even for sleep, but believe, working out is essential for both you physical and mental health. That is why gym should be something that you visit at least couple times a week, especially during your school year. Doing sports is one of the best ways for stress relief, not to mention that your college probably has a nice free gym. The Typical Student team put together 8 tips to motivate yourself to go to the gym for those who would like to lose weight and to be healthy.

#1 Get fancy workout gear


Cool sneakers, fancy leggings, and flattering sports bra are all you need to look great in the gym. Treat yourself with new workout gear and you will instantly become exited to wear your new sportswear to the gym. And one more useful tip: do not wear your new workout gear unless you are going to the gym, you want to exercise in those fancy leggings, not lounging.

#2 Create your gym playlist

motivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-06Exercising without cool music is odd. However, this problem is really easy to solve. Create a playlist with your favorite songs and enjoy your workout time. In fact, listening to music helps you to forget a little bit about how hard it is to exercise. So music will help you to survive tough exercises or running long distances.

#3 Go outside

motivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-05If you want to work out, you don’t have to go to gym. When the weather is nice, you can always enjoy doing your exercises outside, especially if you are planning to go for a run. Running outside is always better than running on a treadmill. 

#4 Take classesmotivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-08It’s okay to train on your own, but sometimes you need somebody who will help you to improve your workout. That is why taking classes is always a good idea, because you can learn something new and useful there that you can use later exercising on your own. So attend one of those yoga, kick-boxing, or spin classes, usually the first class is completely free.

#5 Find a gym friend

motivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-07Yes, it’s easier not to miss your workouts when you have somebody to go to gym with. Besides, it’s always so much fun to exercise with your buddy. In addition, you’ll have at least one person who wouldn’t be freaked out by your sports and gym talks.

#6 Organize your time

motivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-02Look at your schedule and try to figure out what time is best for going to gym. Since you are going to be extremely tired after your college classes and your part-time job, it’s better to work out on the days you don’t have too many classes or work. Just find out what time works best for you.

#7 Stay realisticmotivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-01That means that you have to set realistic goals and under no circumstances exhaust yourself working out for hours in gym.

#8 Don’t forget to reward yourselfmotivate-yourself-go-to-the-gym-03Yes, you can eat that piece of cake, or watch Netflix all weekend, or buy something expensive. Reward yourself for you hard work, you totally deserved it.

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