Surprisingly, 84% of US Students Use Libraries These Days and This is Why

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Are libraries obsolete? Oh well, don’t jump into conclusions like the Forbes contributor Panos Mourdoukoutas who claims local libraries should be replaced by Amazon bookstores to save taxpayers’ money. After the controversial post appeared on Forbes website, the author got a very unexpected backlash from the audience. The Typical Student team followed the story for you. 


How Many Americans Still Use Libraries?




Here are just a few quick facts in support of libraries:

  • The 2016 study by Pew Research Center suggests that “Americans aged 16 and older (77%) think libraries provide them with the resources they need.” At that, 84% of respondents were students.
  • In 2017, according to the Ohio Library Council, 94.2% of Ohio voters approved voters approved levy increase proposals to benefit local libraries.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Using Libraries Today?


So, what are the cons of using libraries in our day and age? The infamous Forbes’ contributor believes they are as follows:

  • libraries don't host many public events compared to previous years, because students prefer school auditoriums.
  • Starbucks is the go-to place for socializing and work, not the local library.
  • technology makes physical books obsolete, so many people switch to ebooks instead.

So, how about the pros of using libraries in the age of internet and ebooks?

  • Traditionally, many local US communities still view libraries as somewhat of a community bedrocks.
  • Unlike Starbucks, suggested by Mourdoukoutas as a modern-day substitute for libraries, they offer a vast range of paper books and ebooks likewise for free! No matter how good Amazon services are, you still have to pay for downloading the ebooks!   
  • Owing to the Kanopy platform, library card holders can enjoy free audio streaming and video services.
  • Also, larger city libraries, like NY City and Chicago, allow library card holders free museum passes.
  • See, libraries are still useful no matter what someone says! Apparently, the taxpayers are more eager to spend their taxes on the libraries than support the multi-billion Jeff Bezos’ business.

How Did Twitterverse React?

As usual, the Twitterverse couldn’t stay aside, so the users reacted in a very surprising way! They actually defended the libraries as the centers of their local communities.


@cmclymer wrote: "I use my local library so much that my keychain checkout card is worn-out from overuse. Maybe take a step back and dial down the capitalism, huh?"


Former library employee @ChuckWendig also stepped in saying: "...we must protect libraries as a precious resource"


@sofiaquintero said: "Libraries serve POC, the poor, etc. They are where people apply for citizenship, register to vote, access social programs."


And, to sum up the beef @mariskreizman just posted a short explanatory caption for why she loves her library.

Do you use libraries often? Will corporations like Amazon ever be able to replace the libraries?

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